Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Web Cruise – Day 11

A pod of dolphins was spotted off of the bow yesterday afternoon which sent people running to try to catch a glimpse of a fluke or fin. It is always exciting to see something other than the ship, sea or sky. We have also seen flying fish, a few birds (mostly longtails) and a cargo ship on the horizon.

We are currently at the BATS site where we will be remaining until Thursday morning and then we will head back to Bermuda. As we are in one location for so long, we will be deploying the sediment traps twice at this station. Today will be quite busy for us as we have recovered the sediment trap array this afternoon and we are deploying it again tonight. With 33 traps on the array, there will be lots to do to ensure we are ready for the fourth, and final, deployment of this cruise.

Crew, marine tech and scientists for PITS deployment 4