Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Interns Part 1

You may have met some of our Bermuda Program Interns last week on Ocean Academy's blog, http://biosoceanacademy.blogspot.com/2015/07/bermuda-program-interns-part-1.html, but we would also like to introduce some of our Summer Interns!
The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) offers internship opportunities to both undergraduate and recent graduate students.  Internships may run for 8, 10 or 12 weeks in the summer, with flexible timing and duration.  BIOS interns can expect to work in BIOS laboratories with faculty and staff mentors,  participating in active research projects of mutual interest. A BIOS intern could have the opportunity to participate in an open-ocean research cruise aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer, SCUBA dive on Bermuda’s coral reefs, learn progressive techniques from scientists at the forefront of their field, gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge laboratory equipment, and engage in workshops and seminars with peers and BIOS staff. 

Meet Darlene!

Darlene is a fourth year undergraduate student at Dalhousie University studying Marine Biology.  This is a second career for Darlene, who previously worked as a chemical technologist in various labs.   Darlene has always had a love of the ocean, and with her involvement in BIOS Darlene says, “everything is coming together now.”

1. How would you describe the project you have worked on at BIOS?
My main project is to clear space in the library for the new interactive classroom, the Mid-Atlantic Glider Initiative Collaboration (MAGIC) Room.  The MAGIC Room will have multiple large screens and on those screens you will be able to view the BIOS gliders in real time.  The gliders are remote controlled AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles).  The classroom is going to be a great learning tool for the students and visitors who come through here because they’ll get to see the gliders gathering data in real time. 

2.  I see you took a course here at BIOS last summer.  Can you tell me about that experience and also why you chose to return for an internship this summer?
I took the Coral Reef Ecology course as a Dalhousie student last summer here at BIOS, and really enjoyed everything about it—the instructors and the Institute.  I enjoyed the course so much that when I heard that they were looking for someone to help in the library, I jumped at the chance to return and be a part of the project. 

3. Why did you choose BIOS?
I chose BIOS because of the coral reefs and location, and the fact that it is a top-notch facility with renowned scientists working here.  I would definitely promote it to any other intern who wants to come here because I know they are going have a good experience and get a good education. 

I just get such a good feeling when I am here.  Everyone is so friendly, so welcoming.  How would you not have a good time here?  It’s just not possible.

Meet Brett!

Brett is a fourth year Marine Biology student at Dalhousie University.  This summer Brett is working as a volunteer intern under Dr. Eric Hochberg.  His research this summer is part of his honors thesis,  “The Effects of C02 on Coral Reef Primary Productivity.”

1. How would you describe the project you are working on at BIOS?
We’re studying how C02 emissions, and ocean acidification due to increasing carbon emissions, affect coral reefs’ function.

2. Why did you choose BIOS?
I found about BIOS through Dalhousie University.  I was in oceanography course, which was the first ocean focused course that I took in university, and my professor suggested that I apply for the scholarship to take the BIOS Coral Reef Ecology class this summer.  I researched BIOS and read about it, and the more I read, the more excited I got.  So I applied for the scholarship and decided 3 weeks wouldn’t be enough, so I looked into how I could do some research for my honors thesis and Eric agreed to help me out.
3. Has anything in particular impressed you while you have been at BIOS?
The attitude of everyone; everyone is really open and welcoming and passionate about his or her work.  Everyone is really excited to come to work in the morning, and excited to talk about what they’re doing.  


Stay posted to meet more of our great Summer Interns here at BIOS!

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