Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer 2012 Interns: Post #5

Hard to believe the summer is already half over!  To celebrate, we have another group of summer interns to introduce to you, including some that are familiar faces here at BIOS.

Melissa Wartman, 22, is a rising senior at Dalhousie University where she is studying both marine biology and oceanography.  With funding through the CABIOS Program, she is spending the summer working with Dr. Samantha de Putron on BEACON and will also be taking the Coral Reef Ecology (CRE) course.  Melissa chose to do an internship at BIOS because she heard it was a great place to do research, and also that the CRE course offers a lot of hands-on experience (and diving!).  Originally from Kingston, ONT, Canada she enjoys hiking, SCUBA diving, running, and traveling.

Sean McNally, 21, is a rising senior at the University of Rhode Island (URI) where he is studying marine biology with a minor in underwater archaeology.  He came to BIOS as a student last fall and had the opportunity to work with Rachel Parsons on a research project about Devil’s Hole in Bermuda.  Sean enjoyed the experience so much that he returned this summer to work with Parsons and Dr. Samantha de Putron investigating the microbial response to ocean acidification using a microscopic approach.  In addition to SCUBA diving, Sean enjoys playing soccer and snowboarding.

Jecar Chapman, 20, just graduated from Bermuda College with an A.S. and is looking forward to returning to the Philippines (his homeland) to continue his undergraduate education in medical technology, with the goal of obtaining his MD.  This summer marks Jecar’s third year as a BIOS intern in the Bermuda Program.  He originally worked with Dr. Andrea Bodnar studying sea urchins genomics and is spending this summer working with Rachel Parsons studying the microbial response to ocean acidification using a molecular approach. Jecar loves science and learning and keeps returning to BIOS because of the broad experiences he gets as an intern.  When not in the lab, Jecar likes playing sports and computer games.

Meredith Bibbings, 18, is a rising sophomore at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where she is studying anatomy and cell biology with a minor in kinesiology.  She is currently debating between going to medical school and pursuing a career in research science and decided to spend the summer volunteering with Rachel Parsons to gain experience working in a research lab.  Meredith is working with Eden Richardson (a Bermuda Program intern in the same lab) investigating whether recreational boating increases sewage contamination in Bermuda’s inshore waters.  Originally from Bermuda, she enjoys cheerleading, dancing, and rowing.

Eden Richardson, 18, is a rising sophomore at Bermuda College where she is studying biology.  A former BIOS intern told her about his experiences and she applied for a position at BIOS as part of the Bermuda Program.  This summer, Eden is working with Rachel Parsons studying the relationship between recreational boating and sewage contamination in Bermuda’s inshore waters.  When not studying, she likes to play piano, volunteer, and practice photography.

Stay tuned for the next (and last!) post in this series…

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