Sunday, July 3, 2011

Science Diver Training Final Exam Day!

Now… when Alex said we were having a “practical” final exam for our dive class on Friday morning, we all assumed we’d be doing a dive during which he would test our skills.

When we got on the boat and headed back to the site of the Mari Boeing reefing, that line of logic still made sense. In fact, it made sense until we got to the bottom and Alex handed each of us a clipboard and a pencil… WITH A TEST ATTACHED.

Yes, we had gotten final exams, printed out on waterproof paper, that we were to take 35-feet under the water. Sometimes I just love the scientific community.

The exams did contain some practical skills:
  • Remove your mask and replace it.
  • Do the next three questions while breathing from the octopus of the diver to your right.
  • Answer the next page while hovering, without your fin-tips touching the ground.
  • To finish the test, trade BCDs with another diver.
That last bit may have been my favorite part, since Stu’s BCD was a comfortable one, and Jorge looked absolutely ridiculous wearing Alissa’s hot pink gear.

This class has been a bit of a wild ride, but we’ve learned quite a lot in a very short time. And while I now have two weeks of work to catch up on, I’m going to miss being out on the boat every day.

In other news… Eight new science divers available: will work for air.

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