Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1 B270 Star Date June 14th 2011

Hi my name is Susan Allender and I work as a Research Technician for the PEL lab group at BIOS. At the moment I am out on the Atlantic Explorer Research Vessel. We are on the monthly BATS cruise, http://bats.bios.edu/ will give you an overview of what goes on. It's only the first day so things have been a bit quiet for the PEL group. We have just been organising the lab and looking for wildlife and fixing leaking PITs tubes. Luckily we have a local bird expert on the ship to point out things of interest. We have seen Greater Shearwaters, Corey's Shearwaters and plenty of Tropic Long Tail Birds. So far there have been no mammal sightings, but plenty of flying fish. Weather-wise things have been a little windy making the going a bit choppy. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer.

Science Update: PITS has just gone in the water, then it's off to BATS.

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